Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation

This buildable yet breathable foundation is award-winning for a reason. Not only does it provide beautiful coverage on the skin, but it is packed full of incredible organic ingredients that treat the skin throughout the day. This foundation contains one of my favourite oils, Jojoba oil, which is incredibly hydrating but doesn’t clog the pores. Jojoba oil is actually very similar to the oil (sebum) our skin naturally produces.

Another wonderful oil in this product is almond oil, which has a ton of benefits. Not only does it treat dry skin, but it can help with acne as it naturally contains vitamin A and E, which both improve cell turnover, helping to fade marks and scarring leftover from old acne. After a long day of wearing this foundation, your skin should be hydrated and clear!


Ilia True Skin Serum Concealer

There is a reason I’ve gone through more than five of these concealers! The Ilia True Serum Concealer is one of the cleanest options on the market, that truly works. It gives such a natural finish, but is also able to cover any redness, angry spots, or darkness. It was my holy grail as I struggled with acne, and I can confirm it covered all my spots!

The product is formulated with vitamin c, mastic, and albizzia julibrissin bark extract, which all help to brighten, even out one’s skin tone, and help protect against environmental damage. There is also 20 shades available, and the online team will help shade match you!



Manasi 7 All Over Colour

There is nothing better than a multi-use product! Masasi 7’s All Over Colours are fantastic because they work wonderfully on the eyes, lips, and cheeks. They are sheer but pigmented enough to layer up. Plus, they contain great ingredients for our skin, such as Apricot Oil, which is incredibly hydrating. Apricot Oil is naturally high in vitamin E, which boosts the skin’s natural ability to protect itself from environmental damage, which helps keep the skin forever youthful and glowy! This product also contains Castor Oil, which is a superhero ingredient for fighting acne and soothing inflamed skin.




Maryse Beauty Mineral Dew Highlighter

This silky, sheer highlighter gives you the perfect lite from within look. Forget chalky dry highlighters and say hello to this organic highlighter filled with skincare ingredients. Mineral Dew contains the amazing broccoli oil, which is full of omega fatty acids. Omegas are incredible for delivering lots of hydration deep into the skin and calming any irritation or redness. Plus, it won’t break you out as it is such a light and easily absorbed oil! Pop some of this on the eyelids for both an eye treatment and a pop of natural shimmer.




Beauty, Mineral Tint Highlighter in Hyacinth, £18

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Juni Cosmetics Organic Lipsticks

Conventional lipsticks are full of scary ingredients. Read about it here. Do your body and our Earth a favour, and switch to Juni Cosmetics’ amazing organic lipstick range. Not only are they pigmented and creamy, but they are ultra-hydrating.

Juni lipsticks are formulated with argan oil, which is wonderful for hydrating and protecting the lips – perfect for cold winter days! They also contain a plant-based hyaluronic acid, which helps to create hydrated and plump lips. Plus, it promotes collagen production and fills in lines in the lips. What more could you want! Watch our colour try on here!



Beauty, Organic Lipstick in Maple, £38

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Beauty, Organic Lipstick in Sunshine, £38

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Beauty, Organic Lipstick in Petticoat, £38

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Beauty, Organic Lipstick in Lola, £38

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RMS “Un” Powder

This non-gmo, soy free, gluten free, cruelty free setting powder is one of my all-time favourite powders. RMS is one of the best eco-friendly and clean beauty brands out there. The “Un” powder comes in a variety of shades, along with a translucent option, which works for all skin tones to simply hide shin rather than add any tint. This powder instantly takes away shine, excess oil, and truly blurs the appearance of pores. Probably the most naturally made and naturally looking powder you can find!


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