Reve en vert why exfoliation important for glowing skin

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Reve en vert why exfoliation important for glowing skin
Reve en vert why exfoliation important for glowing skin


Why Should We Be Exfoliating Our Skin?

Our skin is a magical organ, that for the most part takes care of itself incredibly well. Our skin sheds itself a little every hour, and actually sheds its whole outer layer every few weeks. Through shedding old skin and regenerating new skin, the skin attempt to heal scars, cuts, and wounds. Skin regeneration, the healing process, actually slows with age and can be negatively impacted by pollution and diet. 

When the skin sheds itself to make room for fresh skin cells, it doesn’t always shed properly. This often results in dullness, tough skin, clogged pores, and painful breakouts. This is where exfoliation comes in. By exfoliating the skin properly, you are removing dead skin cells that would otherwise sit on the skin and clog pores. 

When you apply your skincare, you want that product to seep into the pores and work its magic, but if you have a layer of dead skin sitting on the skin, that product won’t be able to do its job. I find I can feel when my skin needs to be exfoliation. It can feel dry, rough, and I will usually start to notice black heads around my face. 

A word of caution – there is such a thing as over exfoliation. If you exfoliate daily, you will strip the skin of its natural oils, which can make the skin breakout or irritated. I recommend up to three times a week, making sure you don’t exfoliate two days in a row. For sensitive skin types, stick to once a week for exfoliation. 

My favorite exfoliators have two different kinds of exfoliants, a manual scrub and a plant-based enzyme exfoliant. They both play key roles. The manual scrub is best for the oilier parts of the skin, such as the T-zone while the enzyme exfoliant is perfect and gentler for the dryer parts of the face. You never want to apply too much pressure when using a scrub on the skin, as the scrub does it job perfectly with light pressure.

Aurelia Refine and Polish Miracle Balm

This incredible balm by Aurelia is a double action exfoliant as it contains natural enzymes and a gentle manual scrub made from rice bran. While this is great for all skin types, I think this is best for sensitive skin types as is very gentle on the skin and contains calming oils. The medley of skin-brightening plant enzymes works to brighten dull, rough, and congested skin. I love a multi-use product, like this one, that can be used as a mask and exfoliant. Simply leave on for a few minutes so that the enzymes can eat up dead skin and then add a few drops of water and massage the skin so that the manual rice scrub can do its job!

Cosymdor C/4 Hydrating Facial Scrub

Hydrating and clarifying in one product, the hydrating scrub by Cosmydor is brilliant for dry skin that is usually dried out by usual exfoliants. Leave this scrub on for a few minutes so the kaolin clay in this product can cleanse away dead skin cells and debris from the skins surface. Add a few drops of water and gently massage the skin so that the almond shell powder can provide a manual scrub for the face. While your skin is getting the much-needed cleanse, the sesame seed oil and jojoba oil will work on pumping the skin full of fatty acids and ultimate hydration. Expect soft and silky skin.



Shiva Rose Saffron Rose Facial Scrub

Not only does this product smell divine, but the Saffron rose scrub by Shiva Rose Beauty works wonders to brighten skin. Inspired by Persian culture and Ayurvedic beauty rituals, this scrub uses saffron and rose to transform dull skin. The chickpea flour in this product is famously used by Indian brides to keep their skin bright and acne free. Orange peel gives it an incredible scent while working on reducing breakouts, healing scarring, and fading pigmentation. Mix a tablespoon of this scrub with a few drops of water and leave on the skin for around fifteen minutes for a beautiful exfoliating mask. When you’re ready to rinse this mask off, add some water and massage the skin for an added manual exfoliation.

Vanderohe Natural Exfoliating Powder

A super delicate exfoliant that is incredibly unique. Designed to be used with your oil cleanse, this powdered exfoliator by Vanderohe is full of plant-based micro granules that work to buff away dead skin and dirt. Along with the manual exfoliation, this product contains powerful de-clogging ingredients that work to deeply cleanse the skin while also promoting circulation, which is key to achieving brighter skin. A fantastic exfoliator for all skin types but particularly great for those with sensitive skin!




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