Reve en vert organic wine davenport wines

We share with you some of our favourite organic wines

Reve en vert organic wine davenport wines
Reve en vert organic wine davenport wines

Davenport Wines was started in 1991 in Kent @limneyfarm

Why We Love Davenport Wines

This local English winery is producing some of the best of organic wine I’ve ever had. Started in 1991 in Kent and East Sussex by Will Davenport who is committed to producing incredible wines organically to make drinking wine a bit more sustainable. In this current climate, all of us at REV are passionate about supporting local businesses. England often isn’t thought of when you’re talking of fantastic wine, but Davenport proves we should be drinking local. I love that their wines are fermented with naturally occurring yeasts and mostly aren’t filtered. Low intervention wine at its finest.


Diamon Fields Pinot Noir 2018This pinot noir is probably one of my favorite red wines ever. It is ridiculously fruity and has some serious body to it. A beautiful palate of dark fruits, like cherries and blackberries with a hint of oak.  The bottle disappears very quickly… 


Davenport Horsmonden Dry White 2018So easy drinking, it is hard to put this wine down, especially on warm summer evenings, like we’ve been having (and loving) in London recently. This organic white is very fresh, peachy, and floral, with fantastic minerality – a wine that everyone would adore. 


Blanc de Blancs Sparkling Wine 2013This is such a unique sparkling that is seriously special. Only 275 bottles of this wine were produced, so it is an absolute treat to enjoy this mature, rich, and fruity sparkling.  A perfect sparkling for any special occasion and in my opinion for a day spent outside in the garden.

What to Pair With Davenport Wines

You’d probably catch me drinking any Davenport wine on a warm summer’s day in the garden. As the weather has been so beautiful as of recently, I have been living in my bikini. Natasha Tonic Swimwear, like Davenport wines, is made completely sustainably and with natural materials.



Learn more about Davenport and their wines here.

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