Le Domaine


If you are looking for a sustainable skincare line that you can share with your partner, this would be it! Le Domaine is built on values that come from the earth, imitating nature’s organic cycles and its original beauty.

Made with an incredibly unique GSM10®: Resulting from more than 10 years of research on grape marcs of the Perrin Family carried out with Professor Teissedre of the University of Bordeaux, specialized in research topics related to the phenolic compounds of grapes and vines. Following the characterisation of all Perrin grape varieties, he formulated GSM10® with proven anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties (anti-MMPs – matrix metalloproteinases such as collagenase action). It also contributes to improving the balance of the skin (postbiotic action).

Le Domaine’s additional extremely innovative compound ProGR3® was created by Progelife, a French biotech company founded by professor Nicolas Lévy, MD, PHD and Professor Pierre Cau, MD, PHD. It is an original combination of natural molecules from plant extracts which targets Progerin, a mutated protein involved in 7 of the 9 mechanisms responsible of cell senescence and aging. Learn more about the phenomenal science behind the line HERE. 






For us, their Complete Routine is the ideal gift for anyone who takes their skincare seriously! The complete routine includes the Cleansing Emulsion + the Cream + the Serum.

The Cleansing Emulsion  contains no sulphated surfactants found in other cleansers. It is formulated with hydrating and soothing grape water and enriched with nourishing and active ingredients. The Cream is formulated with moisturizing and soothing grape water, organic Miraval olive oil and shea butter, as well as Ayurvedic plant extract to combat the appearance of tiredness and deliver guaranteed comfort. It has a silky whipped cream texture that leaves the skin soft and comfortable throughout the day. It also contains GSM10®, an exclusive patented active compound* that slows down the signs of skin aging. The Serum  contains a very high concentration of GSM10® and ProGR3®. It is also formulated with hydrating and soothing grape water. It is enriched with two vine flower sister cells, with complexion perfecting and skin beautifying effectiveness. It contains hyaluronic acids with wrinkle-smoothing and moisturising effects. Its ultra-silky texture is well absorbed and leaves the skin intensely plumped up. The perfect gift to start someone on a sustainable skincare regime!








VYN Sneakers


The World’s first renewable luxury sneaker, we are in love with this line and eagerly awaiting their female collection launch but for now their shoes are the perfect eco gift for men! Founded by Swiss friends Catherine Meuter and Stefan Mathys in 2019, VYN fuses a wealth of design knowledge and expertise with a genuine love of footwear built on 25 years of design experience with brands including Giorgio Armani, Reiss, Harrys of London and Swims. VYN is utilizing the first ever changeable heel elements to lengthen the life of your favourite shoe. With longevity one of our main focuses here at REV, the idea of a sneaker that can be renewed was so special to us and we would love to encourage any sneaker lovers in your life to make the investment in a pair. 




We are loving the natural off white of the VYN Classic for a great eco gift for him that will stand the test of time. Hand crafted in Italy from premium European materials, the sneaker uniquely features four colourful, bespoke replacement heel-sets to help re-engineer, re-imagine and renew your favourite shoe. Partnering independent style and versatility with structural design excellence, VYN is the first brand allowing for personalization and renewability in your sneakers. A gift that keeps on giving.

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After recently learning about Ranchlands and their incredible work on conservation and sustainable land management, we were thrilled to learn there was a way to support their regenerative practices through food purchases. Ranchlands believe in the restorative power of food, for you and Mother Earth. They only create products that are healthy and nourish our customers and the land….their regenerative beef is an excellent option for anyone in your life who hasn’t quite gone full plant based yet!




Amass Spirits


AMASS is the perfect gift for anyone who loves a cocktail and clean living – the most delicious botanic spirits we have found to date! Made with plant based ingredients, their gin has a base of mushrooms for an incredibly lovely and natural drinking experience. Their vodka is distilled from marigold, chamomile, and lemon (the floral aspects serving the same purpose mushrooms do in their gin – to give a soft mouthfeel without the addition of glycerine or other chemical additives)! They also have some great candles that work well for adding to the mood!





Paradise Row Leather Goods


Paradise Row is a handbag line that works to champion & cherish East London’s heritage & talent. Paradise Row works with a local team to help preserve the ailing craft of the leather industry and partners exclusively with local creatives to promote the area’s talent; all of who live within just a few miles. Through every thread, cut and design, you can see the inspiration from the area their trade chain resides in; nothing is more authentically East London.



Accessories, Ethical Leather Navy Coasters (Set of 12), £225

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Accessories, Ethical Leather Desk Mat in Whiskey, £125

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