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Lounge Leggings in Ginger



Mid-rise leggings designed with a softly textured rib knit. Made from an organic cotton and seamless knit construction, a fitted waistband offers both support and contour as you move through the changing states of womanhood. Designed for sport, for lounge, for life. This is about the feeling of coming home, we are home. Mid-rise full-length legging. Targeted engineered support technology creates a tighter fit waistband, they may feel tight at first but will adapt and mould to your body once on. Made from 84% Organic Cotton, 12% Polyamide, 4% Elastane.

Please note this item ships from the United Kingdom! 


recycled upcycled materials

Upcycled / Recycled



zero waste

Zero Waste



Elevated Sustainable Maternity Activewear

Jorgen House aim to create clothing that gives more to the planet than it takes away. Through smart design, they have sought to create enduring pieces that move across women’s multi-faceted lives with ease and grace.


They source the highest quality sustainable and recycled yarns, creating lasting products that will adapt and move with you through the changing states of womanhood. They recognise that maternity doesn’t end after the fourth trimester, it’s the beginning of a new lifetime.


Jorgen House has created a collection that is non dispensable throughout the ever evolving stages of the life of a woman.



Recycled Yarns

The textile industry uses a huge consumption of water and oil resources. So with sustainability in mind, Jorgen House work with an Italian mill who collect waste material left over from the production floor.

This pre-consumption waste are materials that were unusable in any other way and would have been disposed of as external waste. The discarded materials are recast using a regeneration process which is then integrated back into threads for knitting.

Every kilo of this yarn saves 100 litres of gas oil. This is a highly ecological product which aims to reduce CO2 emissions, consumes less water and uses renewable energy.


Sustainable Manufacturing

Jorgen House manufacture all their garments in a factory which works towards a more sustainable textile production model, respecting both the environment and all the people involved throughout the production and supply chain.

Their factory is run with 100% renewable energy and manufactures with sustainable fibres, such as organic cotton, recycled polyester and manmade cellulosic fibres from non-endangered certified forests.

They have a dedicated sustainability team constantly developing and implementing new strategies and practices towards a greener production.


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