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Toups & Co Organic Tallow Skincare + Makeup -


Beauty products are always such a stocking stuffer essential! Toups & Co make perfect products for everyone in your life – they truly have something for everyone. Their entire collection is made from 100% natural ingredients, and they only use organic ingredients like tallow, aloe vera, and cold-pressed olive oil. You’ll never find synthetic chemicals, GMOs, toxins, fillers, artificial colors, or fragrances in their products. For the women in your life, the Organic Lip Gloss is so perfect for the stocking – they have eleven different shades so there is absolutely something for everyone. Their Tallow Lip Love lip balms are the perfect match for dry winter lips – say goodbye to painful chapped lips! Combined with beeswax and gentle essential oils, this wintertime necessity is your ticket to healthier skin and fewer chemicals – they even have a special Holiday flavor! The Glow Serum and the Frankincense Face Balm are two of our favorite products, which are unisex wonders that both work to rejuvenate the skin, deeply hydrate, and leave the skin brighter and smoother – both the perfect size to throw into a stocking!

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Gua Sha Beauty Tool from Golden Secrets –


A Gua Sha is something that everyone should have in their lives – men and women. It is such a brilliant unisex and holistic anti-aging tool, that works to enhance your skincare routine by increasing blood flow, circulation, and nutrients to brighten the complexion. It helps tone and lift the facial muscles naturally, leaving the skin more youthful after just one use. It contains over 40 trace elements (20 of them have anti-aging effects), emits far infrared, has negative ions necessary for graceful aging and optimal health, and gives out ultrasonic impulses with measurements that far exceed any other stone on the market.




Beauty, Safety Razor Kit in Cream, £85

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Beauty, Safety Razor Kit in Pink, £85

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Well Kept Razor -


Help your loved ones ditch their disposable razor by getting them a Well-Kept Razor. The Safety Razor Kit is a perfect stocking stuffer because it has everything you need for a perfect shave. This shaving set offers everything you need to achieve a smooth, irritation-free shave with a Safety Razor, six blades, 40 ml shave oil, and agave exfoliating cloth. The well-kept safety razor works with standard safety razor blades and lasts for a really long time. On average, one person may dispose of over 96 razors in their lifetime. On a global scale, that’s billions of plastic razors being sent to landfill every single year. When cared for properly, the brass safety razor will last a lifetime. It works with plastic-free, stainless steel razor blades that can be recycled through Well Kept’s blade bank program. All their packaging is recyclable or compostable, too.





Onda Wellness -


Everyone can use a bit of hemp in their lives…but the hemp should be certified biodynamic and regenerative, so you know you are getting the best results possible. Our friends at Onda make the best hemp products that make amazing gifts. Their tinctures have amazing benefits, but every person handles hemp / CBD-based products differently, so make sure to check out Onda’s dosage guides before starting your hemp journey.



Last Light -


Last Light was created with the philosophy of bringing a quiet joy and a sense of renewal through the objects we surround ourselves with every day. They are passionate about participating in the centuries-old practices and traditions of creating textiles and respect for the earth guides all that they create. Their linen is born from nature, produced from flax which requires little to no irrigation or fertilizers as a crop compared to cotton. Their kitchen towels and napkins are the perfect size to squeeze into a stocking for those in your life who are enthusiastic about sustainable home goods.



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Cobalt Fruit Bowl
Forestry Wool
Wool Blanket in Ecru Duo
Casa Parini
Hemp Duvet Cover in Sage Salvia
Fabric & Surface Bio-active Cleaning Bundle

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