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Meet Terra Kaffe, the maker of our CEO Cora’s new favorite espresso machine. Founded in 2018 in Berlin, Terra Kaffe is a Berlin-born, Brooklyn-raised , company that is making new waves in the industry – both in tech and in coffee.

At the heart of Terra Kaffe is ritual, innovative design, education, and sustainability – all things we here at Rêve En Vert are always looking for in new brands. There is a beautiful moment in making coffee, and their coffee roasters allow for a moment of mindfulness in an often hectic day. Their design is meant to cut down on waste whilst maximizing the flavor of beans. Collaborating with such a like minded brand is always a pleasure and we are looking forward to delving into them further with our co-founder Cora using hers on her new farmhouse in Maine! 


When my husband and I moved to our farmhouse in Maine, we knew that we wanted to invest in a coffee maker that would become a staple for us, and when we finally found Terra Kaffe, we were beyond thrilled to finally have the perfect machine.” 


– Cora Hilts, Co-Founder & CEO of Rêve En Vert 





Let Me Introduce You To Our TK-01 Super Automatic Espresso Machine -


I was so excited to discover Terra Kaffe as we had been on the lookout for a coffee machine that did not use plastic capsules, provided amazing coffee, and would fit the aesthetic of our farmhouse kitchen. Both my husband and I work quite intense jobs with home offices and a quick morning coffee or afternoon pick me up are important to us so we had also been on the hunt for something that could make me a cappuccino and my husband Jamie an espresso without much thought. Enter the new TK-01, which has been such a pleasure to add to our household a machine that gives us exactly what we wanted without any of the waste I had experienced with other espresso makers! 


Why are we so committed to drinking coffee at home? Well first there is the environmental impact of take-away coffees. The US alone throws away more than 50 billion coffee cups every single year. 99.97% of coffee cups you get given out at coffee shops can’t be recycled. Plus, most of these single use cups are lined with plastic, which means when you use these cups you are oftentimes inadvertently ingesting microplastics. Additionally, those espresso pods we go through so many of are oftentimes not recycled properly, meaning millions of them are going into landfill each year. I love the simplicity of whole coffee beans, and Terra Kaffe is one of the few machines we can use with them with no superfluous waste. 


Terra Kaffe’s TK-01 Super Automatic Espresso Machine enables you to have the taste of a barista-made coffee at home. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be too skilled – their machine is so user-friendly. Their original TK-01 machine automatically grinds your beans and delivers your preferred cup of coffee – latte, cappuccino, espressos, and my personal favorite – the simple Americano. You can adjust your espresso shots, milk levels, temperature, pressure, and more to ensure you are getting your perfect, individualized beverage. You can use whole beans or pre-ground coffee and it is 200% cheaper than using coffee pods. Most at-home coffee machines use pods, and we recently found out that 29,000 single-use coffee pods end up in landfill every single minute  that’s over 120,000 tonnes of waste each year. Plastic coffee pods take, on average, 500 years to break down, directly polluting our already fragile ecosystems. No need for that kind of waste with Terra Kaffe! Plus, we’ve found from experience that espresso really does not taste as good in pods as it does from fresh whole beans. Not to mention the bean grounds we just put right into our compost or garden for zero waste brewing!


The machine comes in black or white, and its aesthetic is so neutral that it would honestly fit into any kitchen or home – it is chic and minimal. We went for white which has been a bright and much loved addition to our countertop. For anyone now curious, Terra Kaffe even offers a 30 day at home trial, so you can make sure it is right for you! Compared to so many of the machines on the market, the TK-01 is so reasonably priced and ends up saving you money after a year of use instead of buying your daily coffees out. Simply head to their website to use their savings calculator and it will help you calculate how much you’ll be saving by using their machines.





Also there is a new Terra Kaffe Machine Available for Pre-order! -


Available for pre-order now, the brand-new TK-02 is set to begin shipping orders in fall 2023 with only a fully refundable $250 deposit to be paid now. This new connected super automatic espresso machine offers a truly unparalleled level of precision, customization, and quality to your cup of coffee. The machine itself is highly intelligent and will be connected to an app on your phone, so you can change all your settings remotely. This machine will be the first to do both espresso and true drip coffee without having to swap filters or anything else – just a simple press of a button. You can literally make your coffee before you even get out of bed. Sign me up!





Coffee Membership – something I would highly recommend -


Terra Kaffe has made drinking good and sustainably grown coffee easy with their bean subscription. They’ve curated the best of the best beans from different roasters, so you can try new flavors out each month. They also have an amazing bean calculator so you can easily figure out how many bags you need per month. Terra Kaffe also does an amazing job selecting coffees that cover a wide range of affordability, taste preferences, roast styles, and more. What’s more, they have created a system where every single coffee is roasted to order, which means a customer will always receive the freshest beans possible — a quality just not possible when you purchase from a grocery or sometimes even coffee shop! Subscribers to this coffee membership also save 10% on their orders. A win win and something we signed up for when we realized how great the selection was.





Cora’s Bean Picks -


Equator Coffees – Jaguar 

A complex blend that combines organic and Fair-Trade certified coffees from the world’s major growing regions: Latin America, East Africa and Indonesia. Founded in 1995 in a Marin County, CA garage, Equator Coffee has had a commitment to better coffee since day one. From one garage to nine cafés across Northern California, Equator delivers high-impact coffee rooted in quality and social responsibility.


Onyx Coffee – Monarch

Monarch is a bold medium roast, which Onyx recreates year-round to keep it fresh with the seasonal growing conditions. It is sugar-dense with notes of bittersweet dark chocolate, a mulled wine sweetness, molasses, and a hint of dried berries. Onyx is our first independent roaster representing the American south, based out of Northwest Arkansas. They were co-founded by Andrea and Jon Allen in 2012 and are well-known in the coffee industry for their numerous coffee awards, coffee excellence, and transparency. Onyx’s motto has always been “Never Settle for Good Enough.” 


Olympia Coffee – Big Truck 

The blend’s ingredients change seasonally, but to keep the flavor fresh, Olympia carefully selects beans in their prime, so the notes of sweet chocolate and ripe berries stay consistent year-round. Terra Kaffe’s first roaster partner from the Pacific Northwest (the specialty coffee capital, some might say), Olympia exists to “improve the quality of life of our farmers and staff by providing quality service to our community.” From cultivating these relationships with coffee farmers to the roast of their beans, Olympia values quality in everything that they do.



Thank you to our friends at Terra Kaffe for sponsoring this editorial!




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