@ledomaine.skincare by @taylorblair1

@ledomaine.skincare by @taylorblair1

@ledomaine.skincare by @taylorblair1



About the Brand –


Le Domaine is the brainchild of Brad Pitt and scientists Nicolas Levy MD PHD and Pierre-Louis Teissedre MD PHD. Le Domaine started with a series of encounters that were all centered around a piece of land in France that has been farmed and protected by the Perrin family, who have cultivated this land for five generations. Through this partnership, the team sought to create sustainable products that fused science with nature, to bring a luxury skincare collection that delivered powerful results for well aging. The brand was built on values that are shared by all the cofounders and the Perrin Family. One of which being that the source of ingredients affect how they perform. Professor Pierre-Louis Teissedre has been working on the Perrin’s terroir for the past fifteen years characterizing and identifying grape varietals and which have the most potent antioxidant effect to treat diseases. It is through his research there that he patented an active compound called GSM10, which is made of upcycled grape marcs from Famille Perrin. The powerful GSM10 is made up of Grenache seeds, Syrah Seeds, and skins, and Mourvèdre seeds, which together have created an antioxidant powerhouse 

Professor Nicolas Lévy is a professor of Human & Medical Genetics and head of the medical genetics department in Marseille. Over the last twenty years, Lévy has sought to understand the mechanisms of pathological ageing. He has been leading research on Progeria, which is an extremely rare genetic disease that causes children to age rapidly. Through his research, he was able to identify novel causes of human ageing and skin ageing. He applied all his unique knowledge into a patented cosmetic active compound called ProGR3, which can slow down the signs of ageing. ProGR3 is made up of resveratrol, which is extracted from grapevine branches, apigenin from the chamomile flower, and catechin, which is from green tea. 

Le Domaine brings together Professor Teissedre and Professor Lévy’s individual patented compounds to create products unlike anything before.





“It is about imitating nature’s organic cycles, its original beauty. In nature, there is no concept of waste. Every discarded thing becomes nourishment for another. This is circularity for Le Domaine.”


– Brad Pitt 



Le Domaine’s Sustainability Efforts –


  • Between 96.4% and 99.4% of natural origin 
  • A maximum of active and sustainable or upcycled ingredients 
  • Vegan 
  • Fragrance of natural origin 
  • Created, developed, and made in France 
  • Free of silicones, micro plastics, mineral oils, synthetic oils, parabens, EDTA, sulphates, and more
  • Oak tree cap is upcycled from the wood left over from the Perrin’s wine barrels 
  • Almost all their products are refillable 
  • Use of FSC paper 
  • Always use the least amount of plastic but, when necessary, they use post-consumption recycled plastic

The Products –


The Serum

After using the serum for a few weeks now, my skin has seriously changed. It is light and silky, and it instantly absorbs leaving the skin hydrated and plump. It is formulated with hydrating and soothing grape water and is it is enriched with two vine flower sister cells, which helps to firm and perfect skin tone. After a few weeks of using the serum my skin was noticeably smoother, less red, and some of my pigmentation had faded.  


The Cream 

Also formulated with moisturizing and soothing grape water, the whipped and silky cream is truly nourishing.  It also contains organic olive oil and shea butter, which help keep the skin truly hydrated throughout the day. My skin has been severely dry with the cold weather, and this is the first cream I’ve used in a long time that actually soothed and hydrated by red and chapped skin. It gives the skin the most beautiful glow and you don’t need to use too much – a little goes a long way.


The Cleansing Emulsion 

A sensitive cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin can be hard to come by, but the Le Domaine cleanser is perfect for every skin type – even the most sensitive like mine. The product has a very light and smooth texture, with a very light foam that gently cleanses and detoxifies the skin – washing away impurities and excess makeup. When you wash it away, it leaves the skin hydrated instead of tight and dry like other cleansers. 



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