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What makes the brand so special –


Mezcal, the smoky and richly nuanced agave spirit, has captured the hearts of spirit enthusiasts and adventurous palates alike but have you heard of a sustainably grown agave that is giving back to the community and the soil? The Lost Explorer is making one of the most consciously made spirits on the market.

Beyond crafting an exceptional drink, The Lost Explorer is beyond sustainable – they are committed to regeneration and giving back to the community which has won them awards in the process including The World’s Most Awarded Mezcal in their first year of launch (2021). They are actively investing back into the local Oaxacan community, where their plants are grown, and their spirits are made and bottled.





“We recognize nothing exists in a vacuum: all is a part of an ecosystem of social and environmental responsibility. These projects [their impact projects in Oaxaca that are linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals] will help advance local organizations’ efforts to combat climate change and its effects on access to clean water (#13); support gender equality and female empowerment amongst underserved indigenous communities in Oaxaca (#5); and help create access to equitable work opportunities through the sharing of sustainable ancestral knowledge and skills (#8).”



How The Mezcal Is Produced -


On ancestral Miztec land in Valles Centrales, Oaxaca, The Lost Explorer grow their agaves for around 8-12 years, so they reach their ripest maturity. Care is taken for each individual variety – Esparadin, Tobala, and Salmiana – as they different in sizes with different particularities that require different attention. To promote biodiversity, they plant new wild agaves for every one-harvested and they never use insecticides. The Lost Explorer want to enrich the land for all species calling it home. Agave waste is always processed into fertilizer to feed back into their land to promote regeneration and circulatory. Their beautiful bottles are designed and produced in Mexico from over 50% recycled crystal scraps. The bottle stoppers are made from natural wood and sealed with fully biodegradable beeswax. Every single production partner The Lost Explorer has been selected based on their environmental ethos, quality, and support of Mexican enterprise.





As Lost Explorer Recommends Sip Their Spirits with Curiosity –


The Sipping Ritual –

To experience mezcal is a journey that begins as soon as you uncork a bottle, but whose tracks have been laid millennia prior. With time as a key ingredient in both craft and consumption of this ancestral libation, mezcal likes to take things slow. Sit with loved ones or with yourself. Turn inward or come out of your shell. Celebrate, contemplate, or just watch an afternoon pass by. Sip Curiously.” 


Espadín (Agave Angustifolia)

Made with agave aged 8 years, the Espadín is sweet and herbaceous, well balanced with hints of red apple, delicious ripe fruits, and a subtle smoky layer to finish. The aroma gives off fresh herbs with hints of smoked wood, like it is fresh from the fire pit. This mezcal is approachable with a smooth and fruity finish.


Tobalá (Agave Potatorum)

Made with agave that has aged for 10 years, The Lost Explorer’s second bottle of mezcal is an earth expression with hints of tobacco, cocoa, vanilla, and leather. It offers such a unique balance between woody aromas and umami flavors. The finish is smooth and earthy with lovely hints of citrus and fresh grass.  The wild agave in this bottle grows in arid, shaded, high altitude canyons – it is a lot less common and extremely rare to find making it such a treat.


Salmiana (Agave Salmiana)

This is The Lost Explorer’s most expensive bottle (for now) and like the other bottles has won a ton of awards for a reason. Massive in stature, the wild agave in this bottle is foraged from its high altitude and very adventurous terroir. Salmiana is known as the green giant because it can grow up to 12 ft in diameter and reach as high as 6 ft. It is the most herbaceous expression of all, offering a sweet and spicy profile with hints of green chili, grapefruit, and fresh sweet agave.





REV’s Favourite The Lost Explorer Cocktail (when we aren’t drinking the mezcal straight) –


Lost and Mojito



1.5 oz / 45 ml Espadín

1 oz / 30 ml organic simple syrup

1 ox / 30 ml lime juice

8-10 mint leaves

Club soda to finish



Muddle all ingredients except the club soda. Pour into a highball glass filled with ice. Garnish with a sprig of fresh peppermint from the garden and enjoy!



Top Tip

If you are UK based, you can personalize your bottles making them incredible gifts for party favors!





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