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Namsu's Bodycare


Namsu’s products are seriously the perfect gifts for every one in your life. They make essential products that not only work wonders, but are refillable and designed with the Earth’s health in mind. Namsu uses plant-derived ingredients that cleanse and rejuvenate both the body and mind. Namsû products are packaged using their unique refill and recycle system. Unlike a refill pouch, their bottles are 100% kerbside recyclable. Whenever you use a refill, you use up to 60% less plastic than if you would have purchased a traditional bottle and pump! Refill more to save more!!





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Bath and Shower, Body Wash Starter Kit, £35

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Kjaer Weis Makeup


Kjaer Weis make some of the best clean and organic on the market. The added bonus of this brand is that all of their products are refillable, so you only have to buy the actual packaging once. Their intelligent refill system means you don’t need to waste money or create any excess waste.  The architecturally bold design of KW products is meant to be kept as they built out of beautiful, quality metal that can be refilled again and again and again!







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Haeckels Deodorant


Our friends at Haeckels are always creating cutting edge products, that are made out of the best ingredients and most sustainable packaging. The brand’s refillable deodorant is a natural antimicrobial deodorant powdered by mushroom and kelp – both which are grown in their lab in Margate. Gift someone in your life their reusable aluminum shell, that can then be refilled again and again with their amazing deodorant. Each stick lasts around 1-2 months, meaning the refill makes deodorant usage much sustainable.






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Georganics Floss


The Georganics Floss is seriously the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone to remind your loved ones to floss and to do so sustainably. The floss itself is made from compostable corn-PLA and it comes to three flavors – activated charcoal, orange, and spearmint – something for everyone. The packaging can be refilled again and again, so you have a forever container for your floss! Your loved ones will never need to buy floss in plastic ever again.




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Tata Harper's Water-Lock Moisturizer


All of Tata Harper’s skincare products are incredible and made with the very best organic and natural ingredients. We were so thrilled when the brand came out with their very first refillable product. Their Water Lock Moisturizer is a lightweight, silicone-free hydrator that primes and smoothes with orange peptides, pomegranate spheres, and macro hyaluronic acid that is now totally refillable! You simply order refill pods that insert into your forever container.






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Thank you so much to Namsu for sponsoring this article! Shop the incredible brand here and follow them on Instagram.



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