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House of Marley – 


Founded in collaboration with the Marley Family, House of Marley was built on the principles of superior quality, sustainably, and a commitment to charitable causes. The brands eco-conscious identity was created with the Marleys to help carry on Bob Marley’s legacy of love for music and the planet. Their high-performance audio products are such amazing gifts because they truly deliver amazing sound and effect while being aesthetically beautiful and mindfully created. What is amazing about the range is that the products can be bundled and used together in different capacities. You can pair the turntable with one of the brand’s Bluetooth speakers or one of House of Marley’s Bluetooth headphones, or gift the headphones or speakers alone as amazing gifts. We love that you can take so many of the products on the go with you or set them up in your home for a beautiful interior addition, that just happens to spread amazing sound for setting your chosen mood.







DIRTEA make some of our favourite mushroom-based products, as all their products are so thoughtfully researched and formulated. We always love gifting the gift of wellness! Their new Matcha is so unique because it is mixed with 2500mg of Lion’s Mane, Tremella and Turkey Tail mushroom, which work together with the organic ceremonial-grade Japanese matcha to create a powerhouse for your body. It is a functional drink that will deliver all day energy – minus the caffeine shakes. Another one of our favourite products from DIRTEA is their Cacao blend, which is a healthy and delicious hot chocolate for increased immunity, enhanced beauty, and deep restorative sleep. It is packed with antioxidants and vitamins A, B, C, D, and E – a daily essential! If you need your daily coffee, make at least one cup the DIRTEA Coffee, which is a blend of 100% Arabica Coffee and 1000mg of Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Cordyceps, Ashwagandha, and Maca. This formula ensures all day energy without the jitters and crashes that can come with a normal cup of coffee as it has 80% less caffeine than your usual cup! All these fantastic drinks can be drunk cold or hot, with milk or not. All their powders are a great gift for anyone in your life that may have low immunity, is prone to stress, or lacking on sleep – we think everyone ticks off at least one of those…





Āyurituals –


Founded by the lovely Kiran Tak, Āyurituals is a sustainably minded jewelry brand, who are passionate about true craftmanship, traditional techniques, ethical production, quality materials, ancient rituals, and wisdom. They pull from all these beliefs with each piece they create. We love the brand for a multitude of reasons, but we are always pulled in by brands who are transparent – something which Āyurituals champions and it is amazing to see a jewelry brand be so open about their supply chain (so rare these days!). Their pricing is very affordable for the incredible quality – ranging from £55 to £150 meaning you don’t have to spend hundreds or even thousands to buy a loved one something really special.  Each jewel comes in a beautiful pure silk golden pouch that is such a special thing to open.


Our Picks – 


Rhythm of Flow Necklace, which has a molten texture and the shape represents water, to symbolize purity and renewal. At the heart of the pendant lies an apatite or an aventurine crystal. Apatite is the healing stone of manifestation while aventurine promotes spiritual growth.

The Cosmos Necklace that you can’t go wrong with – it would suit anyone. It has such beautiful meaning like all the brands pieces, and it represents and interconnectedness within the world as the shape of a circle is so infinite.

Drop of Light Earrings are the perfect elegant and light earing that you can wear without feeling like you have anything on. Inspired by a wonderful Rumi quote ‘you are not a drop in the ocean but the ocean in one drop.’ Such an incredibly priced gift that everyone would love.

The Infinity Earrings are a reminder to live in synergy with the cyclical rhythms of the universe. Being a circle, hoop earrings show unity, infinity, and wholeness. They are the perfect effortless hoop earing that everyone should have in their collection.

The Alchemy Ring comes in array of different stones and sizes so you can pick your loved one’s favourite stone or a stone you feel would be beneficial to them. A semi-precious stone is embedded in a layer of 24ct gold and sterling silver, highlighting the imperfect beauty of materials found in nature, coming together as one. At the heart of each ring lies a labradorite, prehnite, citrine or pyrite crystal – check out the product page to learn more about each stone and what makes them so special.





Fresh Vine Wine –


When in doubt, gift a beautiful bottle or two (or three) or wine! We recently discovered Fresh Vine Wine – the wine brand behind Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough – and we are hooked. Their selection of wines are all low calorie, low sugar wines that are made with low intervention practices to deliver a delicious and thoughtfully made glass of wine. The brand has seven wines to pick from – two white wines, one rose, one sparkling rose, and three red wines. There is absolutely something for everyone in their selection and at incredible prices too!


Our Picks – 


Pinot Noir – Ruby in color with a big floral nose of rose petal, dark cherry, and baking spices. Secondary notes of raspberry, mint, and tea. Medium-bodied flavors of blackberry, red raspberry and ripe plum. Tasty, long finish of red plums and baker’s chocolate with a hint of acidity.

Brut Rosé – Characterized by its gorgeous shade of pink and fruitful color. It has a fresh nose full of wild strawberries, green apples, and raspberries. Long-lasting bubbles sparkle on the tongue. Bright flavors of wild strawberry and peach linger across the palate. Long, luscious finish with hints of red fruits.

Sauvignon Blanc – Juicy palate of white peach, ripe meyer lemon, and pomelo. Luscious, refreshing finish of ruby red grapefruit. Light, golden straw in color with gorgeous aromas of key lime, fresh melon, and California citrus blossoms.





Invest in Regeneration with Christy Dawn –


Give the $200 gift of regeneration with Christy Dawn who have launched an amazing initiative to support farmers who are trying to practice regenerative techniques. When you invest $200, it covers the cost of farming on 3,485 sq ft of land. The farmers are then able to tend to the land using healing practices that increase biodiversity, sequester carbon and regenerate the ecosystem at large. Christy Dawn pays you back in the form of store credit! You earn $2.26 per pound of cotton!




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