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31 REVolutions: Week 1

31 REVolutions: Week 1

Discover Our Simple Swaps For Your Greenest Year Yet...

DAY 1. Swap 'Til You Drop



The unsexy aftermath of the holiday period has us all questioning our habits when it comes to leftovers.  We recently learned that it takes a land mass larger than China to grow our annual uneaten grub, and that 50% of it is produced dans la cuisine as opposed to in supermarkets; the mistaken culprits which in fact account for just 2%! This has made us determined to make 2019 the year that we stop shrugging away our scraps once and for all.


OLIO eliminates the need to discard surplus ingredients by making them accessible to those nearby. The app was set up after co-founders Tessa Clarke and Saasha Celestial-One learned that 81% of us would happily receive food from a neighbour. Download it now and get swapping!


DAY 2. Refill Not Landfill



Tackling plastic pollution is unsurprisingly top of January’s agenda, and where better to begin than with our cleaning products? A tidy house really shouldn’t have to result in a messy planet, but unfortunately the thousands of empty detergent containers littering our land speak otherwise. Or they did.


Thanks to Ecover and their genius refill stations, you no longer have to worry about dirtying the environment as you scrub your dishes.


One customer has been refilling the same bottle of washing-up liquid for an impressive 10 years! Not all heroes wear capes…

DAY 3. Green Up Your Date Night


For your next romantic meal, consider researching what your area has to offer in terms of eco eateries. If you live within reach of Brighton, we’d highly recommend checking out Silo. This rustic, forward-thinking dining space has been dubbed the UK’s ultimate date destination by sustainable chef Rose Lloyd Owen.


“My absolute favourite restaurant with an environmental conscience is Silo in Brighton. Hop on the train for lunch and spend the afternoon snoozing on the beach (admittedly one for the Summer!). All the food scraps are “aerobically digested” into compost for the community to help themselves to, the plates are made from old plastic bags and many of the ingredients are foraged from around Brighton. It’s always been miles ahead of the curve with their philosophies and practises. On top of all that, it’s freaking delicious” – R.L.O.

DAY 4. Go Solar


Don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest panelling your roof (although that would be ideal), but we do strongly advise switching to a green energy supplier if you don’t use one already.


Not only does a house or apartment powered by the elements feel so much cleaner than one powered by fossil fuels (even if it is psychological), but it is also one of the most effective ways to do your bit towards fighting climate change.


We love the philosophy of Ecotricity, and their windmills give you an achievable way to cut back on carbon and oil at home or at work.  They also claim to be the UK’s ONLY registered vegan energy company, meaning they don’t inadvertently use animal waste in their production, unlike their so-called eco competitors (we were just as shocked!)



DAY 5. Footloose and Filthy Free




You may be ahead of the game with a menstrual cup and a bamboo toothbrush, but where’s your stainless steel razor?


This year, we’ll be delving into the lesser explored but equally innovative bathroom swaps, from refillable floss and q-tip alternatives, to DIY scrubs – our favourite way to repurpose old coffee grounds.


For more on hygiene regimes that don’t burden the planet, head on over to the blog Trash Is For Tossers and allow Lauren Singer, the poster-child for zero-waste living, to guide you through morning and evening rituals that put Mother Earth first (and yourself a very close second!)

DAY 6. Get #InTheNuddy




The average person thinks bars of soap are gross. But who wants to be average?


We don’t.  We also think plastic is grosser, so we’ve stopped buying soulless dispensers in favour of these playful, planet friendly numbers by Nuddy.


The newly launched British label are succeeding in making OG lathers cool again. Once you’ve washed with one of their naturally scented, triple milled shea butter blocks, you’ll be hard pushed to switch back to bottles of body wash – and the environment will thank you for it!


Click here to shop the REV collection of Nuddy bars, and make the #SwitchToSoap!

We hope to inspire you to pursue simple and small changes for a greener, cleaner planet.

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Join in our campaign to make 2019 your greenest yet…