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31 REVolutions: Week 2

31 REVolutions: Week 2

Discover Our Simple Swaps For Your Greenest Year Yet...

Day 7: Love Your Local


Currently, more than half of the food we buy in UK supermarkets is sourced abroad. This sounds much less exotic when you consider the air miles…


Stop filling your basket with broccoli that’s done more travelling than you have, and allow your grocery needs to be met by local farmers. Aside from being a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and support the community, purchasing produce from the stalls means you won’t take home any unwanted plastic either. Everything will of course be fresh and in-season, if not organic too.


You’ll find our favourite farmers markets in South Kensington, Islington and Marleybone (all are open daily from 10 till 2.) Need more options? Take your pick from a bunch of others here.



Day 8: Fresh Pits, Fresh Planet

48-hour protection?  Sounds too good to be true! It is, trust us…


Your underarms may not spring to mind when it comes to saving the planet, but being pickier with your deodorant is an easy first step. Most conventional aerosol sprays are crammed with common global warming contributors like hydrocarbons and compressed gases, not to mention toxic aluminium (more on that here.)  Their throwaway cans aren’t exactly designed with the earth in mind either.


At REV, we swear by Aurelia’s Botanical Cream Deodorant. Its gentle formula replaces the above with our favourite trio of plant oils – coconut, tea-tree and lavender. Rub a fingertip-sized amount into your skin until it forms a powder…et voila. Once empty, the chic amber glass tub can easily be recycled or repurposed.

Day 9: Bring It: S'Well





By 2050, the plastic bottles in the sea will weigh more than the fish! Still have one sat beside your yoga mat? We are sort of judging you…sorry!


Kick the habit with our classier alternative. S’Well offer high quality, stainless steel bottles to suit all your hot and cold beverage needs sans the mindless ocean pollution.


Whether you appreciate a pattern, or prefer to stick to good old matte black, we have you covered design-wise. Shop the full range here.


Day 10: Buy To Dry


Whilst we all love a fresh bouquet, giving your windowsills a fortnightly flower update isn’t the greenest approach to home decor. But don’t worry, we have a simple solution for all you floral fanatics out there…


Drying flowers is our favourite way to prolong their shelf-life. As much as you may think of old-fashioned potpourri, we can assure you that dried floral displays can be artful and contemporary – our favourite reference being eco florist Grace & Thorn.


There are several ways to dry flowers. The most common practice of hanging them upside-down works well for more robust types. Ensure you start this process before your flowers have begun to wilt, otherwise they will dry with a kink in their stems.

Day 11: 2 Wheels 2-Day




In cities, between 50 and 90 percent of air pollution is down to vehicles.  This doesn’t come as much of a shock to us Londoners who are all too familiar with smoky exhaust fumes.


This January, we’re making extra effort to abandon our cars in favour of our bikes. Whether yours is an old-school wicker basket number or a fancy comuter model, there has never been a better time to embrace good-hearted two-wheeled travel.


Click here for an ‘honest ride’ and to tune your wheels accordingly with REV co-founder Cora’s husband Jamie.

Day 12: Layer Up


It may be cold outside, but try and resist cranking up the thermostat. In making our houses and apartments that little bit more cosy, we are unintentionally putting extra tax on the planet with our gas, carbon and oil.


The simple act of going a degree lower would save around 300kg of CO2 a year! If you aren’t thrilled at the prospect of having to layer up, fear not. Lou Dungate’s minimal scarfs are the perfect width for wrapping around your shoulders whenever you’re in need of some extra warmth.


The London-based designer focuses on sustainable production and luxury natural fibres to cultivate enviable hand knits we’d be more than willing to give up at least some of our heating for!

Day 13: Switch Off Sundays





Whether it’s resisting the screens for a few hours, or going cold turkey with a full digital detox, make Sunday the day you limit your use of technology.


Not only will time spent away from your laptop save electricity, but it’ll likely improve your well-being too.  Studies show that staying offline, in the morning particularly, leads you to be more present throughout the day.


On the other hand, if you can’t resist an evening of Netflix (we won’t judge), ensure you turn off any inactive switches so that you aren’t wasting power meantime.




We hope to inspire you to pursue simple and small changes for a greener, cleaner planet.

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