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31 REVolutions: Week 3

31 Revolutions: Week 3

Discover Our Simple Swaps For Your Greenest Year Yet...

Day 14: Hey Ecosia!



According to official data, deforestation of the Amazon has hit its highest rate in a decade!


If statistics like this make you feel both angry and helpless, you aren’t alone.  The good news is that owning a laptop means you can become a conservationist without abandoning your day job, courtesy of the search-engine that lets you plant trees from your desk.


Ecosia donates at least 80% of its surplus income to non-profit organisations dedicated to restoring the world’s tree population. As of January 8th, almost 50 million trees have been planted courtesy of this genius browser, so stop whatever you’re doing and give your homepage a much needed rehaul!

Day 15: Wear More, Wash Less

WARNING: Your least favourite household chore is about to sound a whole lot less appealing! A single clothes wash releases around 700,000 micro plastic particles (eeek!)


Luckily, ‘green’ laundering couldn’t be simpler. Firstly, be selective with what you bung into the basket at the end of the day. Jeans, for instance, should rarely see the inside of the machine, whilst anything wool, cotton or cashmere will last up to three wears with a bit of airing in-between.


Secondly, wash most of your clothes at 30 degrees. Not only does rinsing at a lower temp save energy, but it also prevents colour fading, making garments go further. To be extra eco, ditch the iron and hang your shirts in the bathroom – shower steam will save hassle and electricity by smoothing out creases.

Day 16: Old Fabrics, First






Be a trendsetter this new year with last year’s waste.  RiLEY Studio uses eco technology to turn fishing nets into leggings and plastic bottles into t-shirts.


The innovative label also gives new lives to stubborn, non-biodegradable fabrics like viscose and polyester, in the form of cozy jackets and comfy sweats.


What’s more, almost everything in the collection is unisex, so you can twin with your S.O in their one-of-a-kind athleisure.  Click here to shop REV’s curation.

Day 16: Minimal Baggage



Gone are the days when carrying a ton of bags was considered chic (sorry Sex And The City fans.)  Keep things simple and multi-purpose with a tote that’ll see you through commutes, grocery shops and city breaks.


Our go-to label for a versatile bag is Kozha Numbers.   The Oregon-based brand offer hand-crafted models in all shapes and sizes. Each one is made from locally sourced leather, tanned using water-based dye free of any harsh chemicals.


If you like a spacious interior, we recommend the Large Ket. If you prefer to travel a little lighter, opt for The Utility.


Day 17: Clean Up Your Cup



Attention coffee lovers, it’s time to give those morning javas a green makeover.


The most sustainable way to get your caffeine fix at home is to channel your inner barista with a bean-to-cup machine.  Our favourite bean supplier is Nude Espresso; a Shoreditch based roastery offering a variety of rich, naturally processed beans imported from the world’s most praised coffee milling destinations; Kenya, Columbia and Costa Rica to name but a few.


In terms of cups, Feldspar’s petite fine bone china mugs are ideal for relaxed sipping chez toi. But more often than not, we find ourselves commuting with a cappuccino in hand, which is why we’re never knowingly without a KeepCup.

Day 18: The Drain Gain




As it turns out, all that glitters is not gold when it comes to things that dissolve in your bath!


According to the National Ocean Service, all micro-plastics disguised as sparkly bath bomb decor are tiny enough to pass through filtration systems, meaning they can easily end up in our waters.


Next time you fancy a soak, swap the synthetic shimmer for some soothing seaweed. Designed to feed your skin; the hand-harvested, mineral rich foliage is a key ingredient in every Haeckels’ formula.  Click here to shop their nourishing balms, cleansers and bathing bundles.


Day 19: Gratitude For Beginners



Busy Monday ahead?  Take five minutes to be grateful this Sunday with a Grounding Earth Gratitude Flow.


Yoga is thought to help us better access our health and happiness by allowing our minds and bodies to tap into the strengthening power of nature.  We recommend practising daily for maximum physical and psychological benefits.


If you’re new to the scene, there are plenty of online channels that will help guide you through your first couple of sessions. Yoga with Adriene is a favourite among the REV team.  Her calming tutorials are perfect for any time of day, so roll out a mat and enjoy a moment of mindfulness before the new week commences!


We hope to inspire you to pursue simple and small changes for a greener, cleaner planet.

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