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31 REVolutions: Week 4

31 REVolutions: Week 4

Discover Our Simple Swaps For Your Greenest Year Yet...

Day 21: Pre-loved > Re-loved



From cellophane wrapped lampshades to cheaply constructed shelves, a seemingly innocent trip to the homeware store can quickly become an environmental burden.


Next time you feel like sprucing up your living space, give the mass-produced, plastic adorned flat-packs a miss and salvage some one-of-a-kind furnishings, courtesy of Retrouvius.


Based in Kensal Green, the acclaimed design studio is home to a whole host of repurposed architectural delights. Whether you’re after a mahogany coffee table or a mid-century tapestry, your inner interior designer will be spoilt for choice with pre-loved creations.

Day 22: Nail It


Despite alluring qualities of glossiness and longevity, most conventional nail-paint should be avoided by those wanting to steer clear of anything toxic in 2019.


The main chemical culprits are formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate.  These polluting substances don’t just cause irritation to the environment, but to our eyes, noses and throats (there’s a reason manicurists wear masks!)


Raise your nail-care standards this year and opt for natural polishes instead. Kure Bazaar is pioneering a new generation of healthy manicures with a range of vibrant lacquers that exclude these nasties.  They’re also vegan and cruelty-free, FYI.

Day 23: Have A Break...


This year, we’re applying advice from the tagline of Britain’s favourite snap-able snack to our once oblivious palm oil usage.


We’re sure you’re now familiar with the extremely non-sustainable ingredient dominating much of what we buy, from confectionary to cosmetics.  Due to skyrocketing demand, palm oil plantations are replacing some of the planet’s most biologically diverse ecosystems, causing further threat to already endangered species (orangutans included!)


Thankfully, responsible production of the unavoidable oil is on the rise. Click here to find out exactly what this entails, and here to learn which brands are ahead of the game with the process.


Day 24: Stop Wine-ing

Calling all fellow non-participants of dry January: be the envy of your sober friends with a glass of guilt-free rosé.


The wine industry is currently facing a major Catch-22. Most wine-growers rely on chemical-based fertilisers to keep their vines healthy, which in turn contribute towards the greenhouse effect. The resulting temperature rise could make the grape growing process particularly tough. So, what’s a vin-lover to do?


Enter: The Wine Butler. The UK-based retailer is redefining the perfect glass with its exclusive offering of vegan, low sulphite wines produced with minimal vineyard intervention. They are currently offering 25% off any 6 bottle order, so grab your half a dozen and put a few aside for a conscious toast with those laying off till Feb!


Day 25: Pimp Your Pantyhose




One small ladder is often all it takes for a pair of tights to be thrown out. These nylon numbers are sadly non-biodegradable, so will most likely sit in landfill for years to come. The good news is, we have an eco alternative!


Meet Swedish Stockings, the sustainable hero of the hosiery world. The chic Scandi label never fail to deliver when it comes to honest production. Their durable designs give old yarns a second life via a zero-waste production process that is largely solar-powered and uses non-toxic dye.


Click here to browse REV’s curation of their soft, snag-proof styles.

Day 26: Don't Sweat It



Forget hot yoga – thinking about how our activewear is made is enough to bring us (and the planet) out in a sweat.


Most sports bras and leggings contain polyester – a non-biodegradable fabric whose manufacturing requires coal, petroleum and very high temperatures, making your workouts notoriously un-eco.


Fret not though – our range of conscious performance pieces are crafted from low-impact botanical fibres like modal, cupro and tencel.  They’re also much gentler on your skin, and are so flattering, you’ll want to wear them to barre, brunch and beyond. Click here to see for yourself.

Day 27: Mother Nature Calling




Mother Nature is in conflict with Mother Earth, as most sanitary products, even ones labelled as ‘organic’ and ‘biodegradable’ can take around six months to disappear. Not such great news for the the planet!  Thankfully, there are now a number of eco alternatives.


The Moon-Cup is a great investment to help you make the switch to zero waste periods. We’re also big fans of Thinx – the underwear that eliminates the need for tampons and pads.

We hope to inspire you to pursue simple and small changes for a greener, cleaner planet.

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