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5 Steps to Celebrating Sustainably

5 Steps To Celebrating Sustainably

Serve all your festive needs minus the impact with our 5-step guide to a greener December…

1. Wrap Consciously







The UK creates 30% more waste than average during the Holiday Season. The glittery, printed, un-recyclable wrapping paper alone amalgamates to 277,000 miles of frivolous poof in one year.


Opt for re-usable, recyclable, beautiful alternatives sans hassles of cutting and sticking. Or buy a REV Box, biodigradable bow, eco-friendly ink….

REV's Conscious Gift Box

2. Write, don't buy a card!

One billion Christmas cards end up in the bins, that could have been recycled, annually. Prioritise genuinity this Christmas by writing, crafting a card from la coeur.

3. Warm Up!

Mechera Sweater by Aiayu






Approximately one-in-four Christmas jumpers are worn once before being discarded!


These fuzzies usually come from a compilation of major culprits like acrylic, polyester, nylon, and plastic fibres that take hundreds of decompompose at the landfill. Skip the reindeer-light-up fad for a piece that will last.




4. Ween Off The Meat








Papa might like his steak rare, but alt for this juicy, roasted jerusalem artichoke, hazelnut and kale salad over the bacon-wrapped-fig side dish.


If you are trepid about entering the vegan food world, check out Deliciously Ella’s selection of youtube tutorials that range from sweet potato shepherd’s pie to chocolate torte.

5. Wreath It Up









Rather than buying a plastic-needle wreath avec bells and whistles, banner your front door with a artful, dried flower alternative.


Grace and Thorn’s whimsical creations offer some inspiration, or a convenient outing to fellow East Londer’s to us at REV.

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