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5 steps to switching to Organic Makeup with Sjaniël Turrell

We asked holistic Makeup artist Sjaniël Turrell for some advice on how you can make the switch to natural, eco-friendly beauty products easily and naturally. She fills us in on her top tips as well as revealing some shocking of facts about synthetic makeup that might make you re-think your beauty regime!

Sjaniël creates a natural summer look for Ella Grace Denton

Facts About Organic Makeup


- Mainstream and commercial makeups are very much based in silicon which is a plastic that really creates a beautiful, smooth cover, but doesn’t let your skin breathe.

- Natural makeup is full of really nourishing oils which react differently with different skins and so the same makeup look might look completely different on someone else’s skin than on your own.

- The most important products to change are your lip and eye products as those are the two mucous membranes that have the most exposure to toxins in your body.

- Mascara is full of synthetic ingredients & plastic.  When performing eye surgery, plastic surgeons claim that they often find layers of silicone inside their eyes from all the years of mascara usage.


Kimbra wears the 'Timeless' lip tint and the Illuminator in 'Empower'



Sjaniel’s top tips summed up: 


“Finish your favourite products instead of swapping everything out at once. Throwing away products isn’t sustainable in itself.”


“Begin with the basics…you don’t have to go out and spend hundreds on a brand new makeup bag. You can get away with three products for a really good face.”


“There is no perfect, organic, natural product out there.  This is why it is important to decide on your point of compromise.”


- Sjaniel Turrell







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