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Bags Built To Last

Discover the Danish label whose bags are built to last...

As the weather is beginning to feel a bit more autumnal, we're making a list of timeless staples to invest in for the fall. Aagé's stylish totes and cross-bodies are coming top so far. Read on to find out all you need to know about this chic Danish brand and its unique ethos from founders Sara and Trine...




What was it that made you want to create bags in particular?


It might be a cliché, but we were both looking for the perfect bag for a long time and simply couldn’t find one to match our needs. Also, as we’re both in fashion, we’re used to having to work according to seasons, which leave us limited time for proper development. We wanted to create products that don’t go out of fashion once the season is over. To us, bags were an obvious choice because most people only buy one at a time and if it’s the right bag, they’ll use it until it’s worn down.  This presents the exciting challenge of designing quality bags that are made to last a long time.


When we started we gathered 30 bag-enthusiasts, split them up into 3 groups of 10 and asked them what they were looking for in a bag. From this we found out that we wanted to start with the two very basic models; the Tote-bag and the Cross-body. The Tote must be spacious enough to fit a laptop and it must be able to close it, and the cross-body must be able to fit a waterbottle. Our keywords in the design process was that it has to be as minimalistic as possible but still recognisable and outstanding.

Italian Leather Tote in Navy

What kind of leather do you use and how is it sourced?


Yes, our bags are made of real leather. To us leather is the best material for bags because of the way it ages and becomes more beautiful and personal over time. Sustainability-wise, where we believe we can make a difference, is in the treatment of the leather. Our leather is from Italian Dani Sustainable Leather, a world-leading tannery regarding social and environmental impacts. All hides are sourced within EU and the entire leather processing is conducted at the same place. The closed cycle is unique for the leather industry.


Do you have a personal favourite bag?


Sara: This is a difficult question, it is like choosing between your kids. But, my bag is the Navy Cross-body. This bag is perfect for me because I always bring a lot of stuff with me, like a small book (at the moment about astrology), water bottle, make-up, wallet, keys etc. and it has room for it all. I love it, and don’t go anywhere without it. I chose navy as I think it is a very timeless and classy color.

Trine: I always bring my laptop with me. – I needed a bag with space for my laptop where it is possible to close it. A bag that doesn’t look like a computer bag! Therefore the Camel Tote is my favorite bag. I use it all the time and mostly as a cross-body so my hands are free for either biking or for my baby

As more and more people are opting for timeless quality pieces that will stand the test of time, do you see minimalism becoming the new ‘fast-fashion?’


First of all we have to distinguish between minimalism as a look and minimalism as a mentality. A minimalistic mentality doesn’t go well with the cycle of fast fashion. Fast fashion is always in need of renewal to keep the customers purchasing and because of that it needs to be cheaper which is most often equal to low cost production and low quality (with all its consequences).  We believe that shopping for longer lasting products is also a matter of matureness, figuring out what you always like to wear and feel comfortable in. This is just as important as buying products of high quality that can stand the test of time.


Right now it is trendy to be more aware of the way you buy, which is good because more people will hopefully reflect more about what they buy, and hopefully with time, this will be the new normal and not just a trend.  So, the answer must be no, we don’t think minimalism is the new ‘fast fashion’. We hope that ‘fast fashion’ will change when more people demand for better and longer lasting products.

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At REV, we encourage people to make long-lasting purchases. What are three items, besides one of your bags, that you would recommend investing in?


Sara: That’s a philosophy I live by myself. For me it would be: A bike, water bottle and a winter coat. I live in Copenhagen and I use my bike every day and it takes me everywhere without creating any kind of pollution, I love the thought of that. I try never to buy a bottle of water. I always have my own water bottle I can fill with tap-water wherever I go. I am one of those people who actually likes winter, but I hate to freeze so a warm and classy winter coat is a must and it can last for seasons if you buy the right one.


Trine: good fitted Jeans, a nice trench coat and an OrganicCup. Jeans and trench coat is usable almost the year around (at least in Denmark) Becoming a mom recently i’m always in lack of time and in need for a easy well dressed look. The organic cup is the smartest thing I have ever bought for a long time.

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