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Behind the lens with Karen Fleischmann

Behind the Lens with Karen Fleischmann

If you've ever wondered what it must feel like to have a career that involves being in front of a camera 24/7, scroll down for our candid interview with actress, ambassador and supermodel, Karen Fleischmann in which she shares her inspiring attitudes towards self image.

Tell us a bit about you…


Hi, I’m Karen.

I was born in Switzerland in 1984. A time and a place where we had the privilege to breathe best quality air, drink fresh and free fountain water, run in the fields and make the farmers angry, swim in fresh water lakes and where time was not only money.

I startet to model in my early twenties and today I am also an influencer. instagram.com/karenfleischmann/

In 2016 I invested my free time to connect with sustainable designers and to promote sustainable fashion on my social media accounts. Faster, higher and more has achieved it’s peek.  I felt it was time to make be the change in the fashion industry.




Have you always felt confident behind the camera or is this something you’ve achieved over time? 


No. I was a shy girl and I didn’t like to talk in front of others. The camera only came into my life when I competed at Miss Switzerland in 2005. It was time to get out and change my habits! Today I feel very comfortable talking in front of an audience but there was work to do. I believe acting class was the most important step in my life. It gave me alot of self confidence and opened up my horizons.

Do you ever feel self-conscious seeing photos of yourself with bad angles, flaws etc?

No not anymore. Of course there are bad hair and bad face days. On these days you shouldn’t take any selfies! But in this job you do yourself a favour when you are selfconfident about your looks and person. I believe it is all about charisma, authenticity and your message.


Have you ever felt worried starting off that friends might make fun of you or talk behind your back? 

Yes of course. This was one of my biggest lessons in life! I had to learn not to care what others think or say about me. It’s such magic when you truly don’t care what other people think or say about you! I wish that everybody could do so. It’s so reliefing and one Stepp closer to your true self.


How do you manage to feel empowered through social media? 


I don’t feel empowered through social media and never want to. Social media is an amazing tool to spread out messages. I use this tool to reach out to people all over the world this is soooo amazing, all over the world!  to spread out awareness. We live in a time where we all should realize that we went to far. There is only one way out and this is trough. I know that one person alone can’t change the world but together everything is possible.  To see how many people already chose the social media network  for reaching goals is amazing. And I hope that in no time we all are becoming the change.

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