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Black Friday’s Shadow

Black Friday's Shadow

When researching for her film ‘The Story Of Stuff’, Annie Leonard discovered that of the materials flowing through the consumer economy, only 1% remain in use 6 months after sale!

The once-upon-a-time, mildly indulgent American tradition that hopped across the pond now is anything but mild. An estimated 70% of the United Kingdom plans on participating in the annual Black Friday sales this year. High-street brands lure us in despite the documented death toll of ten victimized shoppers in the last decade, coupled by over a hundred serious injuries. When did purchasing hot-ticket-items surmount the level of urgency to be considered, quite literally, life or death?

We engage in excessive consumerism, with 60% of new clothing ending up in landfill or being incinerated within its first year.




Black Friday and the rise of Cyber Monday coax shoppers into buying things we do not need because it’s cheap and ‘for a limited time.’


We engage in excessive consumerism, with 60% of new clothing will end up in a landfill or be incinerated within its first year. Every second a truck load equivalent of textiles departs for the landfills, the production of a new smartphone depletes the equivalent of 18 square metres of fertile land, and a pair of jeans and a t-shirt utilize 12 times the amount of water an average American drinks in a year.

Last year, GreenPeace launched MAKE SOMTHING to combat the ‘fashion frenzy’ that sends 82,000 delivery vans onto streets across England — full of plastic toys and electronics. The project leader argues, “we buy without thinking for a minute, but the waste we create will sometimes last for centuries. Even if we build upon current trends of recycling and incineration, the planet will still have doubled the amount of plastic waste discarded since 1950 over the next 20 years.”

REV challenges you to discourage unconscious spending that necessitates an Amazon fulfilment dispatch every 93 seconds. Instead, build upon Fashion Revolution’s mission — a GreenPeace collaborator — “reintroducing creativity, crafts and emotions in our relationships with clothes in a brilliant way to take action.”


Shop windows and email clutter have you in a mood to indulge? Revitalize those heels calling for a peddler, spend your afternoon in Chelsea’s consignment scene, upcycle an old pair of jeans… REV on this day chooses to silence the marketing in admiration to prolonging the life of what we have.