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Dear Mother Earth

A Letter To Mother Earth

By Cora, Nancy, Romane, Grace and Isabel

From beaches and sunsets, to dogs and kale; the REV team honour Earth Day by sharing what it is about nature that they are most thankful for, alongside their original photography which captures the true beauty of our undisturbed surroundings.

Thank you Mother Earth for inspiring me to start a company that will fight for you every day because you are worth preserving. You are home to us all, you bring the peace of forests and beaches, you produce the animals that never cease to bring us joy and fascination, and you are the greatest source of beauty I can possibly imagine. I feel privileged that I do what I do because it means that I am working towards making sure you remain intact so future generations can know what it means to be in awe of what you do so effortlessly – bringing life to us all.

 - Cora Hilts, Co-Founder -