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Flipping Anxiety On Its Head

Conscious Founders On How To Manage Modern Day Stress

A Glimpse At Our Upcoming REV Talk...

Whether it’s the tube, a jam-packed calendar, non-stop notifications, or simply the fast-paced nature of our society that triggers stress, we all feel it from time to time. We asked the panellists of our next REV Talk for some insight into how anxiety affects them in their daily lives and the measures they take to reduce it. Read on to find out who they are, and to hear their tips and advice.  Stay tuned for our upcoming Talk with Soho House called ‘Flipping Anxiety On Its Head’ where we’ll delve even further into the topic.

Cora Hilts

REV Co-Founder Cora began this platform for all things honest luxury and sustainable living after feeling passionately that style and aesthetics should not have to be compromised for sustainability and ethics. She is an advocate of all things conscious.

It may sound ironic that stress doesn’t have to be such a bad thing – historically, it was this very necessary catalyst that helped us to survive by keeping us on our toes in more dangerous times. However, it seems as though 2019 could arguably once more be a dangerous time for us – climate change, pollution and plastic inundation are all constant headlines alongside a barrage of negative news stories, ideal lifestyles on social media and constant pressures to do or be more. 


I really believe, however, if we can take a step back and gain a bit of perspective we can utilise this stress just as we did in the old days – meaning we use it to our benefit. As humans, we are indeed in danger from all of these things and we do have a responsibility to protect ourselves and others through action. 


Working in both sustainability and fashion, I have found that when I am feeling very overwhelmed the simplest things that bring me back to myself and to nature are the most helpful for finding a grounding sense of purpose and what is right. By these I mean anything like taking a bath, going to a yoga class, the farmer’s market or reading a book I truly enjoy (it doesn’t have to be Tolstoy). Avoiding the internet when you are exhausted, allowing yourself to stay in bed on the weekend if you need rest, or getting a glass of wine with a friend – all easy wins. I think the most important thing is being kind and gentle to yourself at the appropriate moments so that when the time comes when you need to be strong and fight, you have the energy to persevere as this modern world of ours can be a hard opponent at times.

Kelly Vittengl

Frances Loom Founder Kelly Vittengl is best known for showing us how to bring warmth and texture into our homes with her hand-picked antique rugs.

My personal experience with anxiety, and more specifically with panic attacks, led me down a path in life I had never imagined. In 2016 my life became very dark, to the point of contemplating suicide. The greatest lesson I learned through my experience was that my panic attacks were simply my body trying to communicate to me that there was an imbalance I needed to address. That’s the thing with any kind of illness or disease, whether it be physical, emotional, or mental… it’s a very personal journey that no one but yourself can lead you on.


I took a deep dive into my physical health, my diet, my mental space, my spirituality, my family dynamic, my relationships and I am a completely changed person for it. And from my current vantage point I can’t imagine life without that experience. I can honestly say that I am grateful for it and I hope that my experience inspires others to know that they too can heal from absolutely anything. Our bodies want us to heal, we just have to learn to get quiet enough to listen.

Zoë Lind van't Hof

From turmeric lattes to breast care oil; Zoë dedicates her time to demonstrating how natural wellbeing is done, through her businesses Wunder Workshop and Boobs Essential.

During silent moments and meditation, I often spend time observing the things that lift my heart beat that little bit or what makes me feel like I am not in control of my reaction, and I think there are two main things that I still need to consciously work on. These are expectations and a sense of righteousness and idealism. Expectations because I project an idea of how things will work out or how I expect people to behave, but also the expectations that I hold of myself, which I have finally realised leads to disappointment and only we ourselves create these expectations.


We create the emotion to a given situation, and we have the power to decide how we want to react. I struggle with righteousness and idealism as I have the same expectations of the world and by being the most sustainable and ethical in my decisions on a daily basis, I also project this idealism on the rest of my peers, which is inevitably leading to disappointment.


I feel most empowered when I stand up to my own vulnerability and understand that only I am 100% in charge of my happiness. By going into nature, I discover our fragility as humans and how tiny we are in this vast universe. By observing our ego in nature, I feel that all my worries and expectations fade, knowing that whatever bothers me is minuscule, but also, I know that everything I go through is exactly what I need to experience to learn from. And lastly, my mantra which has saved me in many situations is “this too shall pass”.

Jemma Finch

 Jemma Finch shares her appreciation for pre-loved clothing as well as sustainable living tips through her company Stories Behind Things, which she co-founded with business partner Ella Denton.

“Modern day anxiety comes down to material connection for me. The act of connecting to the clothes we wear, was we eat and what energy we put out to the world daily has always been a curiosity for me. I entered into the sustainability space from a mental health perspective, co-finding Stories Behind Things was a self care act for myself and Ella, to simply start connecting again. To celebrate the story behind what we wear and what we surround ourselves with on a daily basis. Re-building that connection and slowing down our minds to make intentional and conscious decisions was an extremely fun and playful process for us.


My day to day anxieties come from a feeling of overwhelm at how fast our generation consume (clothing, technology, content and information in general), the fast pace of consumption and our throw away culture. Taking the time to reconnect to my daily rituals, habits and re-framing my mental attitude has really helped me personally.”

For more information about the REV Talk, head to Events.