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What The Hell Do Mists Do Anyway ?

We Love The Idea Of Facial Mists But What Do They Actually Do ?


You might think they’re reserved for hot days, but face mists have more benefits than just refreshing your complexion. Gabrielle Dyer explains why…


Gabrielle has been a beauty journalist for just under five years. She started her career at LOOK magazine where she contributed heavily to print, online and their social platforms. She has worked closely with brands such as ghd, Benefit and Neutrogena and was the face of YouTube franchise The Glow Gang. Since going freelance she has gone on to write for prestigious publications such as Women’s Health and Matches.

The most obvious reason for you to use any face mist is of course to amp up hydration, but did you know that they can help with other problems too, like balancing oily skin, reducing redness, tightening pores, aiding sleep and setting your makeup? Beauty brands are packing them tight with botanical extracts and other mega ingredients like copper peptides, rosewater and hyaluronic acid, so that they seriously pack a punch.


If you’re struggling to find ‘the one’ we’ve made it easy for you to pick your facial mist based on your skins wants and needs…

In need of… A radiance boost


Look no further than Aurelia Skincare Brightening Botanical Essence, £10, the ultimate little skin pick-me-up. Featuring quartz crystal water to help push out negative, toxic energy, magnesium salts to detox and reduce the size of pores and beautiful oils to inject an immediate shot of luminosity. It’s perfect for that 3pm desk slum when your complexion needs some love.



In need of… Hydration


Desperately seeking some extra moisture? Look for a mist packed with hyaluronic acid, which pays an important role in retaining skin moisture levels. Luckily you don’t need to scan the site to find one. 

AMLY Botanicals Digital Detox Silver Rich Face Mist, £45 should be your go-to.  It’s packed with plant probiotics, copper peptides and features their antioxidant rich silver spring water that contains antimicrobial properties. Spritz a layer pre and post moisturiser for an extra moisture boost.

In need of… Redness relief


There’s no beating around the bush, if you suffer from hot flushes, redness, or dermatitis rose water will be you saving grace. Thankfully NYMPH San Francisco scoured hard to find a potent organic concoction of rose water from Bulgaria to create their Floral Water Facial Mist in Rose, £13.  We love this one so much we’re keeping it in our fridge and using it to cool down prickly heat and sunburn.



In need of…Rebalancing oily skin


Khus+Khus Detox Hydrolat, £32 is a multi-tasking miracle mist. From tackling acne, rebalancing oil production and taming inflammation, all while being eco-certified 100% natural. The beautiful blend of rock rose, patchouli, white grapefruit and French violet ensure the smell is just as delicious as the skin benefits. Spray over clean skin, holding the bottle 10cm away from the face. Results are mind blowing!

In need of… A better sleep


Do these hot summer nights have you tossing and turning in your sleep? Us too, until we discovered the sleep-inducing benefits of AMLY Botanicals Beauty Sleep Silver Rich Face Mist, £52. But the skin benefits are also pretty impressive too- snow algae boosts collagen production while you kip while echinacea reduces wrinkles and redness. Wake up prettier, guaranteed!