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Indulge In INKA Ethical Botanicals

Indulge In Inka Botanicals

Introducing A Slower, More Sustainable Approach To Skincare...

Inspired by ancient Berber Botanicals, INKA is the organic label bringing us a holistic approach to skincare in bottles that will stand out on our shelves for all the right reasons.  Read on for our interview with their founders (three Moroccan sisters) to find out everything you need to know about the oils and masks that contain ‘Morocco’s best-kept beauty secrets.’


Where did the name 'Inka' come from?

What’s in a name? Ours had to represent both our values as a brand, and the Moroccan heritage we represent. After weeks of thinking about a name and trialling different options, we stumbled upon the Berber word INKA. We are not Berber ourselves, but the Berber people are the indigenous people of Morocco and we owe much of the Moroccan beauty traditions to them. Pronounced /inqe/ and meaning ‘clean’ and ‘pure’, we knew it was a perfect match for our clean beauty brand!

Rose Bouquet Facial Mist

How did you begin the brand?

 INKA is born from a desire to create a truly Moroccan brand. With our home country being internationally famed for its beauty and wellbeing practices (from Hammams and spas, to the use of oils and natural remedies in every day life, etc.) many brands have leveraged the term “Moroccan” as a marketing tool without honouring the authenticity of the ingredients nor the culture. Even more fascinating is the richness of Moroccan soil, home to thousands of aromatic plants, most of which are exported for large global beauty brands – some of which only grow in Morocco, namely, the famous Argan oil. With such natural riches and cultural heritage, our vision is to be ambassadors of Morocco’s traditional know-how in beauty & wellbeing. It starts with the founders, three Moroccan sisters from Marrakech, passionately working with local communities to source and produce every ingredient.


Honeyful Neuroli Face Mask

Tell us about your packaging and its eco factor.

With sustainability at the core of everything we do, we have opted for glass packaging and wooden caps, steering away from plastic where possible. All our bottles are made from high-quality recyclable glass ethically sourced from Italy. One thing that has been on our mind from day one, and which we hope to launch very soon, is a refill option, allowing our customers to re-use their beautiful glass bottles over and over again!

"All our bottles are made from high-quality recyclable glass ethically sourced from Italy."

Talk about the Moroccan influence of your products.

Our products are all inspired by beauty traditions which have been used and practiced by the women of Morocco for centuries. We combine years of scientific research with traditional aromatherapy, to bring you Morocco’s best beauty secrets, in an elevated and therapeutic skincare range that does wonders for both the skin and the mind.

Prickly Pear.fect
Prickly Pear.fect

What is the best way to use your products to get the most benefit?

We love using most of our products at night or on a lazy Sunday afternoon, when we have time to fully indulge – often with incense burning in the background and relaxing music playing. It really only takes 10mins and is the perfect way to unwind and treat oneself. There are also scientific reasons behind it, during sleep your skin gets the most benefits out of the ingredients and concoctions, resulting in a youthful, glowing skin the next morning. Though a spritz of Marmalade Mist to kick off the day in full vitamin C swing never fails! our mists can be used in the morning and evening, or throughout the day for that perfect feeling of freshness.


What are the key ingredients in your products? Are there any common skincare ingredients that your products avoid? What are the benefits of not including them?

We use ingredients like Argan oil and Prickly pear seed oil, which are highly praised oils indigenous to Morocco – the Argan tree only grows in Morocco in fact! All of our ingredients are sourced by local communities and certified by ECOCERT. We are also firm believers that in beauty, sometimes less is more. Favouring quality over quantity, we avoid long lists of ingredients and do not use fillers, resulting in formulas that are pure, highly concentrated, and effective. We also avoid all the nasties: paraben, silcone, sulphate, pthalate, aluminum, synthetic dye, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, petrochemical and animal cruelty of course!


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