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An Interview in Wellness

Kristel from Your Superfoods EU Talks Health & Wellness

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How exactly would you define a super food?

The official definition of a superfood is any food that has a particularly high concentration and variety of micronutrients and phytonutrients for its size. Basically, it’s really good for you even in relatively small quantities! For me, a superfood is a food that makes it easy to get all the good stuff into my diet.



What started you on the path to eating well?

I come from a family of orthomolecular nutritionists so I’ve always been a health geek, but there are 3 main things that made me who I am today: 1) I have struggled with eczema and allergies since I was a baby; 2) I played tennis at a professional level; 3) both my mum and my boyfriend got cancer. These things made me increasingly curious about the power of healthy food: I started researching how and why people get cancer and how it could be prevented; I learned firsthand that eating healthy food before and after tennis practice increased my energy levels and sped up my recovery; and after changing my diet to no shit and lots of micronutrients my eczema has disappeared. All these things together inspired me to start Your Superfoods and now nothing makes me more excited than showing people that healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated!

Do you think you need to incorporate superfoods to be truly healthy?

The thing is, if we are totally honest with ourselves, most of us fall into the 80% of western people who don’t get enough vitamins and minerals in their diet every day*. We are all too busy or struggle to find easy, healthy solutions. So I truly believe that with our modern, non-stop lifestyles it is massively important to incorporate superfoods into our diets to make sure we are getting all the vital micronutrients our bodies need. We created our functional mixes with busy people in mind and they are super easy to use – simply add a spoonful of mix to smoothies, yoghurt, porridge…whatever you like, the sky is the limit! Nothing makes me more excited than showing people that healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated!

Explore Your Superfoods EU

How do super foods actually contribute to our health?

While many foods can have high quantities of specific vitamins or minerals, what makes a superfood so ‘super’ is the density and variety. For example, alfalfa (a grass found in our Skinny Protein mix) contains the entire spectrum of B-vitamins as well as vitamins A, D, E, K and other powerful minerals like iron, magnesium and calcium. Being micronutrient deficient can lead to fatigue and tiredness, decreased concentration, poor immunity, a tendancy to stress and anxiety, even skin problems and hair loss.**


How they contribute really depends on which superfood – for example, maca helps with hormonal balance, baobab supports your immune system, cacao boosts your mood and helps sate hunger pangs. The combinations of superfoods used in our mixes have been specifically designed to address problems that a lot of people face – weak immune system (Super Green), skin problems (Forever Beautiful), lack of energy or focus (Energy Bomb and Power Matcha), food cravings (Chocolate Lover) or the need for vegan protein (Muscle Power and Skinny Protein) – so it’s easy to find a mix that works for everyone.


What are you top health tips?

A strong morning routine: take some time to be calm and focus on yourself before the day kicks off. A positive mind-set is your most powerful asset!

Stay hydrated: drink infused water for extra vitamins.

Care about the micronutrients, not just the macronutrients: this is where superfoods come in!

A plant-based diet: fruits, veggies, seeds, beans – the best things the earth has to offer.

Get a good night’s sleep: a well known one, but still so so important.


Do you think health and sustainability go hand in hand?

Yes. A healthy lifestyle has to be based on sustainability otherwise it will struggle to be viable. I believe if everyone worked a bit harder towards a sustainable lifestyle, a healthy attitude would come with it and vice versa. Once you become aware of how to live a more healthy diet you become aware of so much more and it naturally leads to a more sustainable lifestyle.


Finally, what does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability is about being conscious of the impact of your lifestyle on the environment and community around you. A vegan, plant-based diet is, for me, the most sustainable diet and it is something we encourage. As I said, it is important to me to know where my food comes from, and this extends to where we, as a company, source our ingredients. We work with independant farmers who have a postive impact on their local communities, such as educating locals in business, and for every can we sell we donate a life-saving bar of Plumpy’Nut to severly malnourished children through a partnership with Action Against Hunger. For me, it’s not just about our health, or our consumers’ health, but about the health and well-being of everyone we work with and anyone we have the ability to help.



*Source: British Journal of Nutrition, 2012.

**Source: National Centre for Biotechnology Information, 2012.


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