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Interviewing S Dress

S Dress - Italian Sustainable Luxury Classics

We speak to the founder, Sanja, about her ethical line.



Please give us a bit of a biography on yourself and SDress  how did you end up in fashion?


SDress was born out of a quest for a perfect wardrobe that would provide instant style, fit well on the body as well as around dynamic lifestyle and not cost the earth. I design thinking of female shapes, of what women do in their daily lives and how their wardrobe needs to fit around whatever they are doing. Since dressing well can be both financially exhausting, time consuming and taxing on the environment, SDress was conceived to address this with high quality and low maintenance pieces that fit our technological age and environmental concerns.

You are producing in Italy. How did you find your factory and do you prefer working within Europe?

Working within Europe guarantees ethical and quality standards that are at the very core of SDress ethos. Especially in Italy, the quality standards are of the highest order.


Where does your interest in sustainability stem from?

Reading about pollution is alarming. In particular, I was shocked to learn that fashion is the second biggest polluter after the oil industry. This is particularly disturbing because none of us need all the clothes that are produced, bought and discarded all the time. Shopping for clothes has become a passtime, an obsession, a quest for beauty and happiness. Clothes are seen as disposable things that we are meant to get bored of each season. As a mother, I believe we owe it to the future generations to be more responsible about our consumption.


The line could really look amazing on anyone, do you have a design background that lead you to get these incredible fits?

Thank you! I have no formal training in design, I’m simply an aesthete and design respecting female shapes and many roles women fulfil. My considerations are how to make woman look great and feel comfortable while they rush between being mothers, working, travelling, having fun. I also like to encourage women to be creative with their styling and SDress can be easily transformed to look different every time it is worn. SDress is about the woman in the dress, not about the dress on her.



You talk a lot of about longevity in design as part of the sustainability story. Why do you believe in this and how are your pieces made to last?


Clean design withstands trends and the quality of our manufacture as well as the durability of fabrics we use all contribute to SDress staying in the wardrobe for a long time, staying in shape and not fading during many washes. Functionality is often ignored in fashion and style is often lacking in functional clothes. SDress aims to infuse functionality with great style, substituting many fast fashion and high fashion purchases, thus helping to save waste discarded into the environment, money and also your time due to being so wonderfully low maintenance.

SDress is made in Italy exclusively with Italian eco-certified fabrics, can you tell us more about the fabrics used in SDress?

We use fabrics that are manufactured with minimal amounts of water in a carbon neutral process endorsed by World Wildlife Fund. The water used in the process is recycled and reused a couple of times as well as filtered before being discarded. These fabrics are very durable and last seven times longer than cotton.


You don’t have to iron S Dress pieces and they are entirely machine washable, which is amazing. How did you achieve this and do you have any tips for clever “green” after care?

SDress is only made from machine washable fabrics that are also no iron so you save on dry cleaning and ironing. SDress maintenance is negligible; wash with your other clothes in the washing machine at 30 C and hang to dry. Nothing more. Smell of freshly laundered SDress is even more satisfying than of the other machine washables knowing that it was produced with a fraction of water needed for the other machine washables.


Finally, what does sustainability mean to you?

It is the only feasible way forward, that is our responsibility to ourselves and all future generations.