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Living Pretty Naturally

Talking to Kate Murphy of Living Pretty Naturally

A Green Beauty & Wellness Guru

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-Could you tell us a little bit about yourself & what motivated you to start Living Pretty Naturally?

I grew up in North Vancouver, a place that is currently on the other side of the world from where I now sit and write. Today I am living my life in little Oslo, Norway, where I run a small tech company and blog on LPN in my spare time. The roots of LPN are from my mother. My mom brought my brother and I up in a pretty healthy environment, after having worked closely with a naturopath for some years. It was that influence that started my “natural living” journey, and it eventually evolved into what is today, LPN. I started the site in an effort to create more awareness around green beauty and the toxins that were found in our skincare. I thought it was just relevant to a few of my girlfriends at first, but after it took off, I realised that it was a valuable source for many women. Eventually the website evolved to include more than green beauty, but also holistic wellness, yoga, and mindful living.


How long have you been a beauty fan? When did you decide to focus on natural beauty?


Gosh, certainly for the last 10 years I had an interest in it, but I really started getting serious about it 6 years ago when I pitched everything that was toxic and began to “spread the good word” via Facebook posts and eventually through LPN.


As for beauty in general, I’ve loved skincare and makeup for as long as I can remember. Growing up, one of my favourite things was putting face masks on with my mom, made from oatmeal and honey in our kitchen.


How do you feel nature & wellness work together?


You can’t have one without the other. Nature and our planet is the place that everything that nourishes us is sourced from. Mother earth has honestly provided everything we have ever needed to live a healthy and happy life. When I’m stressed, the best remedy is ocean water, or a walk in the woods. When I am feeling the need for sleep after a long week, I have my herbal teas with Valerian root and Chamomile to calm my nerves. When I am healing my skin from inflammation, I reach for raw, organic honey. We are truly supported by nature when it comes to living well.

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Living naturally shouldn’t be about obsessing or stressing over every ingredient, or every action you take. It’s about living mindfully and in flux with our environment, making changes where we can.

Do you think living a lifestyle conscious of wellness and natural products has a positive effect on our environment?


Absolutely. Being conscious of what you put in your life (whether it’s your food, cosmetics, skincare or clothing) impacts the environment. With every product we use, or item we buy, we are selecting a chain of events and voting “yes.” For example, when selecting products that don’t include chemical dyes, or selecting sustainably harvested plant oils, we are supporting companies who are putting sustainable practices into place so that we can positively effect our environment (or, avoid negatively impacting it).


Is ethical & sustainable fashion also something you consider in your lifestyle?


Ethical and sustainable fashion has been on my radar since 2013 when I took up a job managing a small Norwegian company who focused their practices in the sustainable fashion world. Since this day, I definitely think twice about purchasing products from chains I know have unethical practices towards their people or the planet. While it does take some effort to make yourself aware, it’s wonderful to have a resource such as Rêve En Vert that does the difficult part for you.

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Living sustainably to me means living with a future in mind.

Where do you get inspiration for your healthy recipes?


I love following blogs and instagram accounts that inspire that way of life, but I am even more inspired just goofing around in the kitchen with a tonne of ingredients and finding my way there. I stock my pantry full of nuts, seeds, beans and legumes, my cupboards stored with every spice I can imagine, and always have fresh produce in the house. In this way, I always have the ingredients necessary to make a variation of just about anything. It makes cooking more fun as well, when you have ingredients to experiment with. I am not a big fan of following the rules.
Can you give us a few simple tips on living naturally for our readers today?
Living naturally shouldn’t be about obsessing or stressing over every ingredient, or every action you take. It’s about living mindfully and in flux with our environment, making changes where we can. It’s about choosing food from the ground, clothing from the makers and skincare sourced straight from the earth – all within reason. Do what you can and don’t berate yourself over what you cannot yet do. Make it a practice.
Finally, what does sustainability mean to you?

Living sustainably to me means living with a future in mind. I’m all for “living in the moment” and “being present,” after all that’s what we all try to practice these days… but sustainable living is all about making the small decisions that cumulatively make a bigger impact in the longer term. Yes, recycling and composting is one thing, but it’s also about growing my own vegetables and herbs on the balcony of our little apartment. It’s about finding cleaning products that aren’t going to harm our oceans when they go down the drain. It’s about taking ownership over the things of which I have control, and making changes that make both my life and the planet better off.

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