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Mara Hoffman Exclusive

Mara Hoffman Exclusive

We caught up with New York based designer Mara Hoffman who has received global recognition for her sustainability initiatives. Keep reading to discover the brand’s story, inspiration and development, and to prep your capsule wardrobe for SS19…

Mara Hoffman

How and why is this your most sustainable collection yet?

We try to make each collection that we put out into the world more sustainable than the last.  We set internal goals with our design, product development and production teams to ensure we are continuously improving and making each collection more sustainable.  Whether this is by the fibres and fabric that are chosen, the place of manufacturing or the positive impact we are making within the communities we manufacture with. For PS19 all cottons are organic. All knits are manufactured in Peru.  All cellulosic fibres are coming from sustainably sourced trees.

"All cellulosic fibres are coming from sustainably sourced trees."

Noemi Top

We’ve seen some very interesting collabs, like choice of using older models and your recent work with VisionSpring… can you tell us more about how Mara makes its footprint?


The brand is inspired by women of all ages. For us, sustainability includes an all encompassing approach to manufacturing. We want to use materials that do the least harm and we also want the people making our clothes to be treated fairly and respectfully. When we were introduced to VisionSpring, we knew right away we wanted to work with them and offer their services in two of our factories in India. Ideally, one day we will be able to offer this to all factories we work with along our entire supply chain. By working with VisionSpring, we were able to provide eyesight screenings and eyeglasses with the hope to help improve our workers’ and artisans’ quality of life. We are always seeking out relationships with people and organizations doing community outreach and impactful work.

Diana Dress

Where do you gather inspiration from in your most recent resort collection?


The blending of masculine and feminine shapes, elevated textures, and a color palette inspired by Sicily, where half of my ancestors are from.

"The blending of masculine and feminine shapes, elevated textures, and a colour palette inspired by Sicily."

 We’ve seen inclusion of innovative materials, like hemp, in your line… why do you favour these resources?


The clothing industry can be incredibly damaging to the environment so we try to utilize fabrics that have the least impact. For example, hemp is one of the most eco friendly fabrics because it takes very little water to grow, it is very durable, and it helps replenish the soil around it.


Annetta Dress

What does sustainability mean to you and for the future of your brand?


Ultimately sustainability means creating the least amount of impact and creating from the highest place of kindness and care towards the planet and its inhabitants. It also means being part of the solution in healing the harm that has already been done.

Nina Dress