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Meat Free Monday Muses

Meat Free Monday Muses

Get Inspired To Go Plant-Based With The REV Team

A recent study published by researchers at the University of Oxford found that ditching animal products could reduce your food carbon footprint by 73 percent! They also found that if absolutely everyone gave up meat and dairy, global land usage would be cut down by 75 percent! This is equivalent to the size of the USA, China, Australia and the whole of Europe combined! So, it’s safe to say that there’s never been a better time to turn to plants…

'Ditching animal products could reduce your food carbon footprint by 73 percent!'

If the thought of going cold turkey (pardon the pun) seems tough, committing to ‘meat free mondays’ is the perfect way to ease yourself into a more eco-friendly way of eating. Plant-based diets also have various health benefits, from lowering your risk of heat disease and high blood pressure to improving your skin. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite veggie accounts and dishes for different occasions, depending on who we’re feeding…and impressing.  Bon Appetite!

The One For Impressing Your Friends With

Our first Meat Free Muse is Anna Jones; the celebrity chef and food writer best known for showing us how to replace the pore-clogging animal fats with collagen rich greens in the most stylish, wholesome ways possible. Her delicate dishes always prioritise seasonal produce, making them rich and nutrient dense as well as sustainable.

The REView - Green Pasta

Anna’s pea, lemon and asparagus pasta is the one-pan wonder we can’t stop serving at dinner parties. Fresh linguine, all the greens, and a peppery, lemony sauce i.e. sophisticated but keep it simple. *Hint: if you’re going all out and ditching dairy (in which case, bravo) we recommend accompanying this dish with vegan parmesan, which you can make yourself. Check out Fashionable Vegan’s recipe here.

The One Your Boyfriend Will Actually Like

If there’s any food blogger that’ll successfully persuade your man to trade a medium rare steak for a stuffed aubergine, it’s Gaz Oakley, aka the Avant Garde Vegan. The 26 year old chef from Cardiff has been embracing the plant-based way of life for around three years, whilst encouraging others to do so through his mouth-watering youtube channel.

The REView - Stuffed Eggplant

For a dinner that’s bold, filling and flavoursome, we highly recommend this charred eggplant filled with pesto and roasted veg and drizzled with tahini dressing.  Season to your heart’s content.

The One For One Pot Dinners

Some say lazy, some say space optimisation. None the less, we couldn’t be bigger fans of meals that only require one pot. The Happy Pear is our go-to blog for ‘less utensils, more flavour’ dishes full of protein and passion, courtesy of identical twin chefs, David and Steven Flynn, who unbeknown to the each-other, gave up meat on the same day fourteen years ago. Great minds think alike, it seems.

The REView - Cauliflower Korma

Cauliflower lovers/haters/neutralists seeking a healthy start to the week are well-served with this delicious korma.  A dash of garlic and a kick of chilli will remind them never to underestimate this once average vegetable.

The One For Nights In

“All I want to do is travel, make and eat good food,” says Viola Hou, founder of The Sunshine Eatery. You’ll find deserts among the desserts on her insta feed, as well as colourful curries, noodles and sunsets. Zero-waste living also ranks highly on this adventurous food blogger’s list of passions, whether it’s storing kale in water to make it go further, or turning carrot leaves into pesto!

The REView - Sunshine Noodles

Eating a comforting noodle dish on the sofa whilst watching your favourite series is how some Monday evenings just need to be spent.  This aesthetic rice noodle stir-fry is timeless, tasty and simple to whip up if you’re shattered after a long day. It’s also a great one to make if you have veg that needs using up.

The One For The Sweet-Toothed

Last but most definitely not least, we bring you dessert sans dairy, courtesy of vegan recipe developer Gina Burgess, whose vibrant platform has a ‘Sweet Treats’ category which celebrates all things decadent and delicious. Gina uses easy-to-source, non-complex ingredients, meaning you can spend less time preparing and more time indulging in whichever fudgey, peanut-ty, chocolate-chipped creation you pick from the extensive list!

The REView - Chocolate Caramel Tart

Get your dinner-party guests talking with this ultimate centrepiece.  A crumbly oaty base, a sweet cashew-date caramel middle and a smooth chocolate ganache topping. What isn’t to love?