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Your Nails But Better

Your Nails But Better...

Your bathroom cabinet may well be cluttered with shades of millennial pink and pistachio polish, but are you aware of the chemical content in your favoured formulas? Beauty influencer Gabriella Pisani explains why…..

Each coat of polish you apply to your nails for that smooth, sleek and shiny manicure, is another layer of toxins being absorbed into your body. Many of the chemicals found in these formulas are linked to dizziness, headaches, allergies and can even play a part in unborn babies during pregnancy. Whilst the chemical count may be low, and a gel manicure alone isn’t going to drastically damage your health, it’s an offender that can easily be avoided.


Giving ‘green fingers’ a whole new meaning, it’s time to get savvy and swap your nail polish to an eco-alternative. What’s toxic and how can you avoid it?

Well, the first two ingredients to certainly stay clear of are formaldehyde which is normally used as a hardener, and can irritate the eyes, nose, throat and lungs when breathed in. And toluene, used to help varnish glide on smoothly. Much like formaldehyde it will irritate eyes, the throat and lungs when breathed in. There are a bigger risks with toluene too, as it can also damage the nervous system and cause birth defects in unborn babies.


Normally when it comes to reviewing ingredients eco nail polishes are usually free- of the big five nasties- DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and camphor, but you can go a step further and choose polishes that are 10-Free (meaning they don’t include the 10 big ‘harmful’ ingredients). 10-Free polishes, such as Kure Bazaar and Aila Cosmetics ensure that xylene, parabens, fragrances, phthalates, and animal ingredients are also excluded.



When we think back to our teenage years of tippex and peel off pastels, natural nail polishes were hard to come by, and those available were considered weaker in pigment, limited in their colour portfolio and prone to chipping. Fast forward to 2018, and the plethora of gluten free and vegan brands are starting to counteract misconceptions, with eco alternatives bringing out the big guns in greener formulations.


Not just better for your nails, but for the skin around your fingers too, greener polishes and removers have grown up their technology, and finishes are now akin to that of a normal polish. Just as glossy, but without drying or causing inflammation to the surrounding skin. If green isn’t your shade however, we’re loving Kure Bazaar and AILA Cosmetics for every Pantone shade under the sun.


Some of our favourite shades are...